Our Mission




Greenkind serves the mature medical cannabis community on a global level for a readership seeking the normalization of cannabis within our society and culture. Our goal is to provide a voice for the ever-growing cannabis community by disseminating useful, interesting and relevant information regarding cannabis and hemp from the artists, writers, growers, business creators and professionals within our community. Our basic premise is that all cannabis use is medicinal. We view marijuana the medicine of life to aid mind, body and soul.

Over the years our mission has expanded to include the cannabis GMO watch. We feel there is a basic inherent right for all humanity to freely grow all plants that pertain to the wellbeing of humankind and the animals they tend. As marijuana moves toward legalization so move the large corporations positioning themselves to takeover the control of cannabis. There is a real and present danger that the corporations can and very well may patent cannabis seeds restricting who may grow marijuana and hemp plants.

We equally share the view that industrialized hemp can contribute greatly to the general well-being of humanity as we enter this pivotal time in our history. The choices and decisions made now will influence the freedoms and successes of future generations.

By the term “mature” we are referring to readers who realize that cannabis is more than a recreational pastime. It is the full spectrum of the cannabis experience we wish to share while correcting the stigma related to cannabis use from the mainstream point of view.

We strive to engage our readership in a clear and concise style to inform, educate and inspire a sense of the true nature of cannabis and the critical role it plays in our lives.